Demand the Impossible 2015 is here! This year’s course will be held at the University of East London in Stratford from 27th-31st July. All totally FREE, including transport and lunch. Here’s the flyer; details of how to apply below.

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There will be:
– A focus on London: what kind of a city is it, how did it get to be this way, and what might we want to change?
– Excursions to experience hidden sides of the city.
– Explorations of race and racism in London and globally.
– London as a global city: how is London linked to war, oppression and exploitation around the world and how can Londoners help to resist this?
– Workshops by activists involved with some of the inspiring campaigns active in our city.
– An overview of some of the “big ideas” that can help us to understand London and the world: capitalism, class, patriarchy, colonialism and political crisis.
– ACTION! Those doing the course will plan and carry out their own demonstration or other political action, and will contribute to a campaign to take back the city.

The course is all FREE, and that includes lunch and public transport for the week. Apply as soon as you can – last year we were over-subscribed and had to reject some applications. Deadline for applications is Monday 6th July at 5pm. Email for a form or more info. The form is here: DI 2015 app.

Watch the Demand the Impossible trailer:

Read the Guardian piece on the first course back in 2012: